A friend of ours posted photos of her trip to this little camp ground and it sparked a desire in us to give it a go. Cool experience with a set-menu camping experience for people who live in the city but don't want to own camping gear. Plus it was right next to a theme park with a few really cool things!

Getting some hyperlapse b-roll on the way out of the city.

We were going to film a lunch before we got to the campgrounds, but decided not to. This is a photo of the lunch, however!

Make the change easy to count.

Always bee-line for playgrounds.


We had about an hours walk from the train station to the campgrounds.

There was a bus too, but we just hoofed it.

It's fun to find all the weird bugs in the sticks.


"Pleasure forest"

This menu outside a little old restaurant was pretty eye-catching.

Our spot for the night!

Shoes off, everyone.

Thumbnail photoshoot.

Thumbnail outtake.

Not bad.

Making dinner was pure chaos, but it worked out in the end. This was dinner from our perspective.

Our tent from below, at night.

It was clear enough I could get some decent star photos, something I can't really do in the city.

Good morning, nature.

On our way into the amusement park we were noticing some boxes for...a stamp rally, of course!

F1 Car tickets!

Cool human sized maze. Bit too easy for Eric, however.

Getting some pleasure for lunch.

Wonder what they had to pay to licence Paddington.

Pikachu is my smash main.

That is really selling the photospot.

Ok, we are going to do this thing.

Gotta drop off some things at the rocker room first, however.

Kyde just before her moment of terror.

This one was a little more her speed.

Really cool experience, in general.

Waiting for a bus we missed by seconds.

Not a bad wait when there is a little shrine to explore right next to the bus stop.

...is that...a sumo ring?