We realized few visitors to Croatia head east, so it was the first place we wanted to go outside of Zagreb. We rented a car and made the drive to the border and learned quite a bit about the devastating war in the early 90's and how it changed the region drastically. Scary stuff, but we both find it important to understand devastation and see how it can rip apart communities...and how they can somehow stay together.

We found Uranus!

Speaking of Uranus....

Croatia in April is speckled in this amazing eggs!

Sniffing some flowers.

PULL OVER! What was that on the pole?!



A large portion of eastern Croatia looks exactly like this.

The first sign of what has defined the region for the past 30 years.

Birthday breakfast from our Airbnb hosts!

Bit of a surprise to wake up to this across the street.

Digesting the horrors.

Not just a field.

Well, that's neat!

Where a bomb hit the hospital.

The hospital is all a bit unsettling.


If there is a ladder, Kyde will climb it.

Birthday dinner and wine from our Airbnb hosts!

And our wonderful hosts themselves!

Bulletholes in a fence.

Bulletholes in a house.

Headed westward, more fields.

Welp, that's it, we got a stop to make.

Kyde facing off with a glassy-eyed dinosaur.

Great place for fika!

He looks like he's talking some turkey.

Oh boy, kitty!



Gotta stop to admire the beauty.

Awesome little villages in the valley.

Kyde! Landmines!

Thankfully we didn't hear the "click."

We found the west coast!