We made it to Ehime! Exploring a famous onsen, castle, bridges on a tandem bike (built for two), a wonky mine and more! Enjoy!

We aren't the only ones on a road trip!



New bro!

Snotty looking lizard.

Cool, they use rainwater to flush!

This is what Japan thinks of British people, I assume.

Dope ride.

Dogo Onsen really does look amazing.

That is a lot of foods.

Shortly before she licked the plate clean.

"If you are Japanese, eat rice." hrm.

Fika terrarium!

Putting down the miles! Or kilos, rather.

We are going to ride across that!

...on this!

Cheezin' hard.

Don't kill grandma.

Look! Boat!

This was not a positive advancement.

These need air.

Gettttting those sweet instagram shots.

Honestly, the tandem bike kinda sucked anyways haha.

Not bad.

Japanese castles can look flat out incredible at night.

Kyde had just played a lot of Breath of the Wild.