Kyde and I had planned to film down just south of the Kyoto area so I took the chance to spend a few days in Kyoto when I realized how dog cheap hotels down there are right now during the troubled times. I had intended to film a single "silent" video during my stay, but I can't shutup so it turned into a small series of videos lol. Enjoy!

Part of getting ready for a long trip is basically an entire day of data management. And another day at the end of the trip.

Not a traditional "beautiful" shot of Fuji from a train, but this is part of what you really see out the window.

This ad was on the train....apparently soccer golf is a thing?!


Just normal Kyoto stuffs. Such a cool city.

Does someone set this up on a little table every day?!

That right there is your standard big boi omurice.


Many years ago a friend and I had a debaucherous evening here.


One of Kyoto's famous spots, easy to make look pretty with a camera.


You can verb literally anything. Apparently.

Is this...still used? I assume not? Mysterious!

No eatalking! That's how I'm turning this new word into English, anyways.

Breakfast has become a favorite meal of mine.

Tea is objectively better than coffee. Sorry.

God level peanut butter exists!

Dang it.

This is what breakfast cost, if you are curious.

The glass in the window looks pretty neat, all double reflective.

That dog seems weirdly pleased with all that litter.

This is Kyoto.

Who dat.

golly gumdrops.

That's....a lot of fans.

In high school a friend convinced his mom the plant he was growing in the front yard was a "Japanese maple" lol. I think about this all the time. (yes, FRONT yard.)

Nintendo's old headquarters is apparently becoming a very expensive hotel.

This is also Kyoto.

Characters everywhere.

Nice sky action.

A hell of a duo.

bro down.

That's a lot of languages.

Sometimes handwritten Japanese is impossible to read lol. What is this.

Eric trying to take a photo for a thumbnail alone attempt #1.

This is absolutely Kyoto.

Eric trying to take a photo for a thumbnail alone attempt #2.

lol now that's not too bad.

Eric trying to take a photo for a thumbnail alone attempt #3.

This view of the city is really something.

Eric trying to take a photo for a thumbnail alone attempt #3. Notice none of them made the cut lol.

This made a much nicer looking thumbnail.

This little neighborhood is incredibly photogenic.

Thanks to the real estate agent!

Quick snap crossing the street.

I like this picture. Look close on the rocks in the river.

These people were on an adventure!

I had some overpriced unremarkable donuts I didn't film.

I wonder how much confusion this door creates in Japan, linguistically speaking. There were no other markers.

The donut shop looked kinda neat though.

I mean, really? I still don't know what this is lol.

Really cool looking Korean restaurant. I'd love to eat there sometime it's less covidy out.

This is also Kyoto.


Bold color choice.

Haha, this dude liked the blue too.

Reflections make easy photo fun.

Kinda interesting how some parts of Japan allow certain types of smoking and not others. Is that a thing everywhere?

Neat bridge.

Glad I could catch some colors before winter swallowed them all.

The bamboo forest is really a sight to see, glad to see it without huge crowds.

Attempting a selfie thumbnail. One of many lol.

The mixture of fall colors and bamboo was a unexpected delight.

Strap in for some more tree photos haha

There were berries too! They always look so tasty but then you know....death.

This looks like it'd be simple to read, but it's hella hard to read. But I have an app that can somehow read this stuff! Magic!

Neat sun vibes.

I hate to imagine what prompted this signage.

Classic girls in kimono at a tourist spot.

Don't bring those bells, they'll get you!

Various ways of saying "don't fuck with the monkey."


I love lanterns like this in specific.

I don't fit in buses.

Not joking around with that sugar!

Here's my attempt to "paint with moving light." I want to get better at photos, but I have a long way to go haha.

Neat tree.

Kyoto Tower is...not a favorite structure of mine, but this makes it kinda neat.

These lanterns are neat too.

There were a bunch of these signs outside of a temple. This was says "The dead awaken the Buddha inside of me."