Kyde and I had planned to film down just south of the Kyoto area so I took the chance to spend a few days in Kyoto when I realized how dog cheap hotels down there are right now during the troubled times. I had intended to film a single "silent" video during my stay, but I can't shutup so it turned into a small series of videos lol. Enjoy!

Part of getting ready for a long trip is basically an entire day of data management. And another day at the end of the trip.

Not a traditional "beautiful" shot of Fuji from a train, but this is part of what you really see out the window.

This ad was on the train....apparently soccer golf is a thing?!


Just normal Kyoto stuffs. Such a cool city.

Does someone set this up on a little table every day?!

That right there is your standard big boi omurice.


Many years ago a friend and I had a debaucherous evening here.


One of Kyoto's famous spots, easy to make look pretty with a camera.


You can verb literally anything. Apparently.