Been meaning to check this out for years. Tokyo has the largest underground flood prevention system in the world and you can go inside of it when it's not raining! Cool stuff, very monolithic.

This was a giant map on the ground to show the flood system. Kyde found the golden poo, hahaha.

Ready to enter the earth!

Wow, that's a long way down. Imagine how much water this can hold.

Kewl hole.

It's wild to feel like you are inside of plumbing. That massive intake valve drives the feeling home.

That's your big boi, right there.

It's hard to express just how little you feel inside of this thing.

It was mostly dry, thankfully. Not a good place to be if it's really wet, haha.

Not to ever miss a chance to make folks hungry, this was part of lunch.

I told Kyde to throw me some "Funny Guns" and this was what I got. Hahaha

But this is what I expected.

Another decent take.

Just some stuff at the station.


Oh, just in case you missed it, this was our find on the way home. Hahah.