Here's an update from Hangzhou, China just south of Shanghai. It's a stunning little city with a very beautiful lake on one side. China has been rather intense. We took a 19-hour train ride to get to Hangzhou. We had a bench seat on the train which did not recline, but at least we HAD a seat. A large portion of the passengers were standing in the aisles. This resulted in large piles of people sleeping on each other, sitting in one another's laps and leaning on us. To get to the "bathroom" (a hole in the floor) you literally had to climb over these piles of people. China is fun! Enjoy!

After 19 hours on a train, we're are all snooze buddies!

Popcorn and Pagodas!

Kyde believes this to be some of the best soup in the world!

It's hard to remember why we came to this place, but in the end the entry fee was much more than we wanted to spend. We walked away with this goofy picture and I think we got our cheapness worth!

Foggy China!

Security on the roads is IMPORTANT!

We probably need one of these to complete our badass watercraft collection!