Here's an update regarding our visit to Hiroshima!

Manhole covers are different all over the world, but Japan sports the best designs! Kyde really enjoyed spotting new ones as we moved around the country!

What in the love of robots is going on here?

If you ever had a vending machine fetish, you need to move to Japan!

Perhaps your like enjoying your video games and porn in public. Well, now you can! Japan has a wide array of adult stand-up arcade machines!

We visited Peace Memorial Park and the first stop on the agenda was the A-dome. It was a shocking site. After all we learned during our tour of the park and the museum, we are surprised the building is still standing!

Kyde is looking at thousands of intricately crafted origami cranes. It is said in Japanese myth that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes will be granted one wish. A child survivor of the Atomic Bomb set out to achieve this goal in order to wish for world peace. She died short of her goal, but then and ever since many children from all around the world have added to her chain of cranes. Eric even remembers making these in elementary school and sending them to Japan!

While this picture was being taken, there were some Japanese guys on the other side of the street having a good laugh!

We visited the Mazda factory! It was a great tour! We got to see the assembly line, but sadly they would not allow photos! Kyde is a giant!

Found a bit of Kyde's childhood!

This bottle was struck by the Atomic Bomb. It's shape was instantly changed, but it managed to stay intact. We were actually able to touch it; we assumed they checked it for possible radiation.