More hitchhiking in Hokkaido! Trying to stay dry!

That's a train station?

Haha, a missed train could be a hella wait.


Sweet bear!

Off to Kyde!!

That lady don't even care.

Check out my wind filter!

It's gonna rain!'s gonna rain a lot.

Bear meat!!!

It's getting a little spooky.


The bear made it!

Sulfer mountain!

Is this really earth?

It seems crazy I can get this close to this!

Yo it smells bad.

Way to class up fart mountain.

Oh wow, unexpected destruction.

The destruction was rather extensive.

But the lake was still pretty!

...but still too cold for the boys.

Made a friend!

That's a shame.

I love green.

Something tells me they might get some international tourists here.

This was my Hokkaido jam!".

Headed "home".

Heading out in the rain.

Is that bear answering a fish?

Getting the last bit is tricky!

The best tomatoes I've ever had.


No snoring!

That kanji looks awesome on that building.

I found the ocean!


Sup girl!

This is a cardboard real life size display of a famous baseball player from the area....'s hilarious how small his hand is compared to mine. Hahaha.

I spent a lot of time editing during the storms. Turned out to be a pretty good place for it!

The best vegetables in the world?

Probably not the best time for a festival...hahaha.

As I post this Kyde has been away from me in America for a few weeks and I'm feeling this pretty strongly yet again.


The most polite way ever to say "BEWARE OF FOREIGN DRIVERS" I have ever seen.

Starting to find waterfalls!

....but...there are bears on the walkway...

What a view!.

Seriously! Wow!.

New friends!

The best waterfalls are waterfalls hidden in jungles.


Super cold water!

Luke-warm water. Haha.

"Natural" onsens.

This is where I saw the naked guy.

My Hokkaido mistress.

How is that possible?!


Fishing in a tunnel!