After some rejuvenation from being around the massive ponies I decided to make the trek up to Japan's most northern islands!

The name of this building amuses me.

Let's go north!!

Not exactly what you want to see in your accommodation.

Haha...bent telegraph poles?



Is this uh....ok?

Looks promising!

The "trail map."

Serious stuff!

A nice little walk for sure.

He looks like Catbus!

Awesome manhole covers are plentiful in Japan.


I didn't make it to the top, but the view from the bottom was still pretty solid.

Asahikawa isn't messing around with hot-ass statues.

Nice town!

Haha, the famous bent telegraph pole.


I never met a member of the "guesthouse" staff, so I had to leave my payment in an envelope on my bed?! A photo was the best I could do as proof I actually left payment.

Not a bad walk to the highway!

Rules for Pokemon trainers written by the police.

A good sign!


Scary windy!

Am I in the north of Japan or the south of France?

The most northern point in Japan!

The *actual* most northern point in Japan!

I signed the most northern point's guestbook!

Was cool to see just how far I had come.

The most northern shrine in Japan!

The most northern barking deer in Japan!

The most northern train track in Japan!

The most northern Roman aquaduct system in Japan!

A firetruck.

Dangerous deer!

Sweet perch.

Not bad.


We're gonna need a bigger boat.

It's so exciting to roll up on a new island like this!

Looks promising!

Nice ladybugs.

Getting swarmed.

You are here.

They have a ski run on this island!


Fancy dinosaur.

"Have a rest at your leisure."

Yay! Footbath!

Also not bad.

Hold on to your babies!

Freaky "history" forest.

Just bearly missed Rishiri's famous flower season.

Is this the entrance to a dungeon?


The princess swamp!

It's clear how happy I was. Lucky to have this experience for sure.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

A wonderful steed for the day.

I made it to the end!

What are those kids up to?