Here's some footage we shot while in the states. We had intended to make a much more indepth video of Fredericksburg, but we were both very busy and very lazy about it. Enjoy what we did shoot!

Meat + Bun + Sauce = Arby's!

Kyde making her Mom and brother look like goofballs over their traditional Christmas Waffle breakfast.

Goofball success!

Kyde's Dad got her back though by giving here giraffe ears and a tail!

Just doing giraffe stuffs!


Kyde's cousin Lance also feel victim!

Their poodle Daisy never stood a chance!

Kyde explained large panties to Jesse.

Eric has a friend in Japan who loves Taco Bell! We had to brag!


That was to the point.

Beibering up Kyde's Dad's workout area!

That's also to the point.

Chang's! Oh, Chang's!

Fredericksburg punk rock house shows! How lovely!

Some Ryan B and the Dead Sea fan artwork!