We realized few visitors to Croatia head east, so it was the first place we wanted to go outside of Zagreb. We rented a car and made the drive to the border and learned quite a bit about the devastating war in the early 90's and how it changed the region drastically. Scary stuff, but we both find it important to understand devastation and see how it can rip apart communities...and how they can somehow stay together.


Stunning landscapes in Western Croatia are plentiful.

Making friends with the local plantlife.

Still can't get over all the storybook castles on top of all the little hills.

The only thing friendlier than the people in Croatia are the kitties.


Inspiring literature!

Could be inspiring action films with the status of these bridges, haha.


Whenever possible it's important to stop for sunsets.

The island of Krk! So many amazingly named islands in Europe.


We were a bit confused why there was a kanji on the side of the road.

Turns out it's a letter from older Croatian writing.

How do you pay for parking: The *real* adventure.


Researching our snack.

A few photos from a walk around a neat little town.

Our first Fjord! Good work Slartibartfast!

Neat contrails!

Stunning colosseum are common in the region, but apparelty this is one of the best. We were impressed, at least. Haha.

At one point this guy was an actual threat here! Hard to imagine.

These days sketchy pidgeyboys are the biggest worry.

Getting some danks footage.

Remember: Stop for sunsets.

Feeling stereotyped.

For our brief visit back to Zagreb we met some new friends!