We had been waiting though 2 weekend typhoons to go to the Izu Peninsula. Many people had told me there were a lot of reasons to head down there. The stand outs were waterfalls and alligators. And when those two words are the draw, how could we say no? So, off we went. The first day was spent chasing waterfalls and the second day was touristing! Yes, we did find the alligators, so don't worry!

A good adventure always starts out in the woods... or a good horror movie! How do you think this one will pan out?

Just enter the tunnel! You'll be fine!

Thank goodness for this sign and the fact that pretty much no one owns guns here... or do they?

These spiders are pretty easy to spot during the summer and fall. They make huge webs and flat out look terrifyingly beautiful!

This is a wasabi farm! YUM!

We found the first waterfall of many for that day!

Just relaxing with the water under our feet!

We found the remains of some unlucky animal. What animal could it be?

If you park here, this is what will happen to your car! Seriously, keep driving!

Just a little Kyde puke! It's okay!

Eric and Hiyoko-chan look so cute!

Hanging out with the pastos!

This guy is amazing! That hair is just outstanding!

I think this might actually be the second time this guy has recommended a food shack for us. The food here was not as good as his first recommendation, but I will always trust any place with his picture!

This shit actually happens in real life! We couldn't believe it when we saw it!

Ryokan (Japanese hotel) time!

Awesome manhole cover!

The next morning, we set out pretty early to find an amazing beach, which we never found, but we did find a little adventure in climbing to the top of this rock!

We got to see the Pacific Ocean!

Kyde's photo ideas can be a bit blinding at times!

Oh, we will ride it!


Time to ride the boat! Don't fall off!

The alligator park was not only home to beasts, but also to many beauties like these flowers!

Seriously, this was the only picture of an alligator that we took at the alligator park. You will just have to watch the video to see an actual alligator!

Eric loves bananas!

When you are at the sea, you have to eat fish. It can be a bit dangerous though! Watch out for the bones or become an excellent fish surgeon like Kyde!