This update covers our brief time in Jeongdongjin, South Korea. Spoiler: There will be speed boars and explosions! Enjoy!

Eric wanted to explain to me how since I entered his life his pony friendship (PF) levels have deteriorated! It had to be done in graph format!

Someone was a bit drunk when they brought the ship in last night! Docked right on this cliff!

The famous Panty Tree!

Just some funk!

Snppery when wet!

The appeal of this coastal town for us was a visit to this North Korean submarine which ran aground during a spy mission. The ill-fated crew of 25 either met their death from firefighting with South Korean soldiers or by the hands of their fellow crew members during a 49-day manhunt. The only survivor gave up the goat and made a good life for himself in South Korea. Can you blame him?

If fireworks interest you, you should watch the video!!

It's all... and games...

...until someone spends the night by the toilet!