Before headed out of the Takamatsu area we headed back over to Kotohira to make some udon which turned out to be one of the weirdest experiences we've ever had in Japan. Afterwards we headed into the beautiful mountains of Shikoku for a...monorail? Ok, that's two weird things for the day. Then we headed to a crazy vine bridge for weird thing number 3. We swung past a statue of a little boy peeing off a mountain and landed at a pretty nice love hotel! Weird things 4 and 5! Shikoku is amazing.

Rolling those noodles. Take one!

This sequence of the next five pictures is amazing. 1.





"Use the stairs for the environment and your health!"


Huge rocks make us feel like we are on the moon.

Astronaut stuffs.

The mountains of Japan are amazing.


Check out this creepy shovel.

...and this creepy kappa.

Kyde made the older dudes working at the forest monorail laugh.

Strap in! For an hour!

Rolling back in.

Haha, seriously, what is this thing even?

Nice payment box.

This can't be real...right?


Don't look down.


Kyde is so brave.

Looking dope!

Taking a whizz.

Whizing with the boyz.

Sweet ride.


The names of the rooms here was amazing.


In case you needed instructions on how a sex toy vending machine work.

Love hotel cuisine!