A road trip in what has become one of our favourite parts of Japan: Kagoshima! Really, the place is geographically stunning, full of awesome food and even more awesome people. If you come to Japan and have the means add this to your list!


That's a hell of a bus!

Wow fishes.


Sunset times.

Dragon hole! Watch where you step!

Taking a picture of a......



Hahaha, top notch translation!

These were in the medical isle.

At Japan's southhern most-ish station!

Pony mountain looking swanky.

Makin' frans!

Wow, pony.

The reason this caught my eye was because it's not usually written in katakana where we live.



That's a lot of monkeys.

Wicked southern-ish most southern tree!

A tree with a room!

It's usually worth braving the rain.

Would you trust Kyde to pilot your helicopter?

Southern Kyushu.

"Keep the windows of the hotel closed so ash from the volcano stays out."

Tough decisions!

A++++++ translation.

Dinner isn't always exciting, but it's always good.



The vinegar jars were nearly Kyde-sized.

This is an absolute unit of an ema.

A real pig lives in this room at this shrine.

Also, it's a nice shrine.