If you want to visit an active volcano and have a tour given by one of the local experts, then Kaliurang is a great place to visit. You can actually stay at the home of the local expert and take sunrise tours to see the beautiful Mt. Merapi! Enjoy!

We left the comfort of our beds before 5AM to hike Mount Merapi, Fire Mountain in Indonesian, and get as close as we could to the breathing beast! Our tour guide was incredible and told us about his experiences during the 2006 eruption. It's pretty incredible to hear from the man that stood next to the lava flows! In October 2010, Merapi erupted yet again. We felt a bit closer to this situation since we had visited the volcano and followed the news closely.

An incredible view from our morning hike!

On our way out of town, we spotted this fountain. What in monkey-mating hell is going on here?

Kyde felt she needed to get involved!

Eric wandered past this guy while he was making this gun pose and snapped a shot. The local guy asked Eric where he was from and Eric said "America." The guy immediately started to apologize and Eric just laughed at told him there was no problem! It was a great, real moment photo op.

This is how much rupiah you need to get on a plane!

These colors couldn't be more glorious!