It's been a while since we have made a video exploring one of Tokyo's wards, so we picked on we knew nothing of and checked it out. Enjoy Katsushika-ku!

Not everyday you see grilled panda on the menu.

What is that up there?!


I like the sky.

Distance when you do your rope tying, please.

Had no idea a lake of this size was in Tokyo's 23 wards.

It's been nearly a month since we filmed this and our gift grasshoppers are still in good shape!

The postal service is going electric in some cases.

Neat mailbox.

Snazzy ride. The owner came out and was really happy I had taken notice of it.

Deadly accidents happen here, be careful.

Wow, nice.

Getting lined up for a thumbnail.

wow wow, nice!


When curious why an area is suddenly touristy feeling there is bound to be a shrine or temple nearby.

Playground time, as is customary.

Too bad I'm not on Tinder, otherwise I'd have some dope profile pix.

Places like this have a really cool vibe in the evenings.

The green glow the shrine was lit with set a mood.

Seriously, this can't be Tokyo...there are stars!


This coin laundry sign caught my eye, that's a big font.


Really odd everything around this small building was removed but it looks like it's still in use.