After a week on the Big Island we took a flight over to explore Kauai! It's still certainly Hawaii but with a different look and vibe all together and may be one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. Don't miss it if you are in the area.

So....Kyde has that. But it's long since not contagious, don't worry.

Getting prepped for some mexican food!

Preparations complete.

That's a show stopper for Full Coverage.

An interesting find considering our location.

The dramatic hills in the center of the island follow you around wherever you are.

...probably going to avoid a swim here.

More of the dramatic hills. Very cool stuff.

On a hike to a sinkhole with our buddy Sitwell McNubbins.

Look at the water color!

Very cool easy to grasp example of a sinkhole. Kyde is still freaked out by them though.

Japan has very similar spiders.

Big boi.

These are the names of all the lady tortoise. Tortosii? Whats plural of tortoise?

Kyde about to get her berries rattled.

We came across this at the coffee plantation.....

...guessing he got his berries rattled.


Getting a glimpse of what is to come.

Kitty contemplation.

If you look just above the clouds straight up from the moon you can see Venus.

I show Japanese friends this picture to shock them. "That's sushi?!"

"Those are raisins?!"

Morning banana!

Bit of Hawaii, bit of Japan, bit of Sweden.

Really cool Hawaiian digs at a really cool little eatery. If you can, go.

Kyde was looking hawt this day.

Seriously, whata babe.

Welp, Kauai is stunning.

Hey what up.

Throw a rainbow on that stunning!

The place is so beautiful you hardly notice huge waterfalls, haha.

Pew pew.

Kyde is standing in a somewhat dangerous place hahahha.

This view of the north coast is...well....also amazing.

Feeling dino vibes.

Science and stuff!


Not a bad sunset.

Venus is in this photo.

More from Sweden!

Suddenly we are three.

and thusly enjoy a bunch of pet pictures.

Going golfing? Can dogs golf?

Oh, her name is Kaori, btw.

Now that's a handsome family!




Raw muscle.

But so chill.


Just a tad blown out by the sun, but a good memory.

"I'm dressed like a hipster!"


Haha check out that dude in the background.

The results the following morning. We washed the car before returning it, haha.

Sitwell McNubbins!

Really cool tree.

Kyde prepping for a boat ride.

On the open sea!

The boat had these cool little areas to stand on at the front.


Many dolphin!

Porpoise selfie!

They hung out with for quite a while. Neat to see how much they just like boats.

There it is.



I just missed the shot of the boat in the direct sun, but this still ain't too bad.


hi again

Adventure boy.

One of us is filming.

The other is selfieing. Selfying? How do you verbify this?

Lots of nice little streams up in that part of the island.

Kyde loves making sandwiches for hikes. One of our Couchsurfing hosts hooked us up with some Costco ham. (not a sponsership hahaha)

Kyde and her dinos.

The waves were no joke, very cool keep an eye on them as we hiked along the coast.

We sat too close to the ocean and the water attacked us. This is Kyde hauling things away from the sea in a slowmode panic, haha.

Safter to keep things you want to keep dry on your head.

Got a rad shot of a dude in a tube.

If you didn't see a rainbow, you most not have gone outside.

Hanalei Bay really is striking, especially as the sun is going down.

Where we've been.

Wow what a babe.

Is this a joke?

Some sort of Christmas Pooh.

You don't see these often, funny it doesn't take coins anymore.

Our host got a kitten while we were staying with them!

Cat Benatar!

First 2020 sunrise from the beach on Kauai.

First 2020 photo from the beach on Kauai.

The second 2020 photo hahaha

Getting some kitty time.

Look at them beans!

Little bug catching a ride.

Kyde photoshoot!

Serious Kyde.


Neat island.

More kitten time.

This is literally in a tiki lounge, by the way.

Couch surfing!

On the hunt for the remains of a hippy commune. Wish we had found it.

Still pretty cool little area to hike around in, despite the rain.

Inside the mouth of the giant fish.

Watch out for spiders.

Really cool water color where the sea meets this river.

We were here.

The airport on Kauai is a total mess, we eneded up being really late for out flight, which was OK b/c the flight was also really late. Hahhaha.