With the global pandemic in full swing Japan shutdown all international travel. Kyde was in America at the start of the year and that got cut short for obvious reasons. The first video here covers that wild ride. Also here: we live in one of the most touristy neighborhoods of the entire country and it drastically changed the vibe of the area, to put it lightly. Things had picked up a little bit by the time we filmed this, but it's still a bit surreal to see areas usually so packed with visitors being essentially empty.

Usually we have a lot of pictures to share of things related to the video, but in this case we had literally just be in the apartment for weeks and weeks so we don't have much. Here are a few shots we took while on a walk around the neighborhood here and there. This gate is one of the most famous landmarks in the country, under normal circumstances it's usually super crowded with people taking photos with it, to see it like this is almost unheard of. Btw, they had removed the lantern to have it cleaned ahead of the Olympics.

Here is the day the lantern was returned, all shiny and clean.

Signs like this were put up all over the place in April, just as cherry blossom viewing season was to kick in, which is a big event in this area. Clearly they didn't want people gathering in huge groups.

Getting used to the concept of wearing masks. Eventhough we have lived in Asia for a long time it's not something we ever wore often, only on the rare occasion we were quite sick with flu. It feels weird to be outside without them now.