Our last few days of our three month adventure ended in Scotland with a drive from Isle of Skye to Aberdeen with a brief stop in the middle to look for a famous Dinosaur. We checked out a few places around Aberdeen, ate some interesting food and headed south before getting "RyanAir'd" and delayed for an entire week in Edinburgh, haha. It can't all go to plan, I suppose. Next up: Italy!

Kissin' some nesticles.

Kyde sitting on some nesticles.


Found the loch! The Ness loch!

Not a bad view for lunch.




Not ideal, sorry/not sorry.

Wow! Double neat!

Finding these stone circles was really awesome!


Kyde is not thrilled with being lost in the woods.

More awesome stones.

Gotta get that skink!

Seriously, this was not an isolated instance of awesome playgrounds in Scotland, we saw a lot of them!

Rock circle with a different vibe.

Towser was a good kitty! She caught 28,899 mice!

Hella ponies.

Our first try to go to Italy, hahaa.

Ok, so the next few pictures show what our week in Edinburgh was like. This is the soap dispenser in the shower of the first hotel (expensive, btw) we stayed in, they told us if we want to talk to a manager about it we had to email someone. No one ever replied.

The moment we decided to walk out of our Airbnb. The lady was nuts.

The broken bathtub in the airbnb.

Part of the advertised "kitchen" of the airbnb.

The oven. Kyde mentioned it might need a scrub and the lady got mad, haaha. Anyway, there is a lot missing here, just trust us it wasn't the finest week we've ever had.

Taking it back for the Marshalls!