Hi. We moved to Japan back in April and have shot an awful lot of video about living here. The total four part series will be around 3 hours long, here's the first 45 minute chunk! This video gets us from April to the end of July. I hope you enjoy it.

Playing at internet park!

Kyde on her first day.

Lunch in our new place!

Our apartment building is the one of the left. We live in the upper right apartment.

Just down the street from our place.

Festival games!

A Japanese festival oddity... tiny octopus snacks!

Eric making friends!


Cute friends!

That's a big hamburger!

The view of an impending storm from our back porch!

Meet Emma and Tommy! Emma is Kyde's coworker at school. They have become very good friends of ours!

Some awesome guys let us get in one of the amazing drum wagons and take pictures.

Emma and I at a Board of Education training session!

Everyone getting ready for the drum parade to begin at the Fan Festival! On the left, you'll see Makiko, she's so cool!

There are tons of food vendors at festivals. You usually find that it's the same 4 dishes repeated over and over. This lady does something very unique though. She makes deep friend potato cakes and tops it with a bit of butter. Delicious!

This is Kyde's favorite lady on the whore wall!

Kyde having a good time at a cat cafe!