I know I just posted part one a few days ago, but I'd like to get all four of these videos posted before the end of the year, so here's part two! It includes a large section about our hike to the top of Mt. Fuji that we undertook in early August. Enjoy!

Beginning our over night ascent of Mt. Fuji.

The moon was guiding our way.

We got above the clouds just as the sun was rising.

A nice couple swapped photo shoots with us to get this great picture!

Seriously magical!

Almost to the top!

Lions live on the top of Mt. Fuji!

At the crater!

The rainbow of rocks we found on the mountain was incredible!

Eric's feet did this after Mt. Fuji for some unknown reason! Eww!

Enjoying watermelon at the Menuma Festival. It was free!

Wandering around our town brought us to the fire station. They were super happy to let us get pictures with the firetrucks!

Making a lantern for my family birthdays!

Eric sending his lantern off down the Hoshikawa!

A modern Goatse!

We stumbled upon Konami's headquarters in Tokyo!

This might be one of the scariest statues Kyde has ever seen!


More Mascots!

Saying goodbye to a great friend. Bye Chun!

Typing of the Dead! Kyde loved this game!

We had a couchsurfer name Julian stay with us. He's was biking around the world! Check out his blog here: https://theslowwayhome.blogspot.jp

Akihabara! Video games, maid cafes, porn!

Wait... Eric Klein. That's Eric Klein!

Beef Tongue!