After a month in Sweden we realized we needed to spend some time outside of the Schengen Area so we hopped over to The United Kingdom to explore some of the motherland!

We started off in the logical point: London! Kyde has briefly been to London before, but Eric has never been and we were excited to explore it together. We left super charmed by how clean, safe and wonderfully multi-cultural the city was. And it just looks amazing, we spent a ton of time just wandering around looking at the city itself and were in awe for our entire stay. If you have the means, visit London, hop on a double-decker bus and just ride around the city!

Stay frosty, everyone.

The first of MANY sheep we'd see in the UK, haha.

Nice library.

Eric's photo series of "Pictures of Kyde Taking Selfies" expands.

Sea castle!


The sea castle from a tower that is bearly a tower at all, haha

Kyde has a picture from right here she took in 2008!

Finally got to see it!

City of London dragons are amazing!

Those are real fish!!

Excuse the crazy fisheye making Kyde's forhead massive, and focus on the killer fryup!

This bus stop has problems.

A foggy shard!

Going to get our wikileaks signed!

Another dragon!

Bit of a closer shot.

Just a random alley. London is covered in awesome random little alleys.


This bridge just looks incredible at all times.


Looking like a director!


On our way north.