This update is from our time in Macau. For those who may not know, Macau is a "special administrative region" of China, much like Hong Kong. It was a Portuguese colony until 1999 (in the same way Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997) and will be under it's own control until at least 2049, at which time China will take it over. Macau has it's own currency, you need to get a passport stamp to enter, and Macau has it's own economic and administrative control. Plus, it feels very, very different from China in general. Basically, from a technical standpoint it is it's own country, but China claims it as Chinese land. If a full handover indeed takes place as scheduled in 2049, it's going to be a major change for the place. I fear for Macauļæ½s future. Enjoy this update, it's basically just 15 minutes of us eating snacks! Hahahhaa.

Macau is a gambler's paradise! It's casino revenues surpass that of Las Vegas! Everything sparkles!

This casino looks like a fat, shiny radish!

While lying in bed, Kyde rolled over to see this written on the wall. It was a nice bit of inspiration!

Macau is home to the Macau Grand Prix track. Although the race was not happening while we were there, we did get to visit their excellent museum! We got to see the Stig's F1 car!

Oh My!

We visited the Ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral. A fitting Easter weekend outing!

This painting gave us the creeps with the little bodiless cherubs!

At the top, Kyde ordered the attack on Casino City!

Finer words have never been graffitied on a religious monument!


To finish out our great experiences in Macau, we enjoyed an Easter concert at a beautiful church!