After being in the busy city of Chiang Mai, we craved a little solitude. Mae Hong Son was the answer! We rode in a bus up the curviest road for hours! Kyde got car sick! It was totally worth it though. Mae Hong Son is a very relaxing and beautiful place! Enjoy!

After a lot of sun on the motorbike, we found a shady spot under a bridge to take a break!

Kyde riding with a passenger! Scary!

We took an early ride to the Wat Chong Kham temple atop a hill overlooking Mae Hong Son. The view and sunrise were beautiful and the sheer number of roosters chatting was awesome!

Mae Hong Son waking up!

We wandered into the King's summer vacation home!


We rode as far as we could get and landed at a beautiful park. It was one of the most serene places we have ever been.

Just plain gorgeous!

For an epic tea party on the go!