Japan's JR East Train company got together with Nintendo to celebrate Mario's 35th with a stamp rally in the city, so we did it! Come along!

Off to film the first full real video with our new camera! Very exciting.

Didn't take long to find some Mario stuffs!

Neat stairs.

Genuine glee, hahaha.

Kyde loves huge things. Bears, Eric, Bowser.

But we all know who the real best character is.

Plastic divider of the times.

Wow what a babe.

Awesome little prize!

These signs keep you on track.

This was actually a majority of the day, haha.

Heard a rumor Yoshi and Birdo were in a relationship once. Not sure if it's true.

"Dry bones is my spirit animal!"

Remember when Kyde was riffing on how if you need to have "flying" in your animal name you can't actually fly?

Weird yokai.


Now that's a stack of goombas right there.

Off camera people be looking at us like we are crazy.


The Nintendo related stuff just doesn't stop. Hoping for a Zelda Stamp Rally next year!

"These are his balls"

Slightly bored on trains, hahaha.

Tanuki Mario best Mario?

Kyde doing impressions of the entire stack.



Spot on!

Hold on to your stuff!

Getting late. Getting tired.

Goodnight, moon.