This update covers a camping trip we took to Musandam in Oman with our friends, Jim and Nydia. Couchsurfing has turned out pretty brilliantly. Although it's cliched to say, the real amazing part about couchsurfing isn't saving money, it's meeting people from all over the world and learning from them, sharing a small part of their lives and just having fun. After our time in Musandam, we spent a night in Dubai before heading into the "main" part of Oman. Enjoy!

On our way to the camping site!

Doing the bird with Jim! Eric's bird is the cutest!

We got this!

The setup!

This picture is nice and pretty. The other side of the car was all laughs!

The terrain around the campsite just encouraged adventuring!

Standing on top of a carved, crumbling world!

This area was very Petra-like! The incove was huge! You can see Nydia at the mid-right of the photo. She looks super small!

This truck had been abandoned and made us wonder what could have happened in this abandoned area!

A very excited donkey!

You don't see this kind of stuff everyday!

We took a sunset hike from the campsite!

Once we reached the top, we found this marker. It notes the border between Oman and the UAE. In two place at once!

Our epic band photo!

Apparently, donkeys are attracted to fire. This donkey and his family were quite friendly, but when the fire went out he scared us with one of the loudest "HEE-HAW"s we had ever heard!

Dinner was amazing!

Have hookah, will travel!

Keeping warm with Nydia!

In the morning, we took the car all over the canyon like terrain! The views and scenery were amazing!

Eric loves climbing!

A beautiful, twisting descent to some water-side goats!

We can easily say that Oman is incredible!


After camping, we headed back to Abu Dhabi and found a lot of interesting architecture. This twisted building was eye catching!

Nydia and Jim introduced us to Johnny Rockets. Milkshakes were had!

The burgers at Johnny Rockets were excellent! Looks so good!

Eric found a feline friend!