We crowdfunded a new camera rig we'd otherwise never be able to even come close to affording and shockingly fast folks turned out to help us. We are blown away at the kindness everyone showed to help us upgrade our videos and are excited beyond words to make videos in the future that look vastly more like the real world than they have up until now. Thanks to everyone who pitched in, here's a little video I made just after getting the new gear to show how it compares to our older system in a typlical Kyde & Eric workflow. There is room for improvement in my understanding of the system, so look forward to things only getting better from here! Anyways, enjoy a long blabble session of someone slowly turning into a camera dork, this will probably give you some insight into *how* we make videos too, if that's your thing.

Getting this box through customs was a nightmare, but it's finally here!

Omg. Hype.

Now that's a happy family.

The glory! It's a Sony A7Siii by the way.

How can I take a photo *of* the amazing new camera without using it for the photo itself?! Thankfully the smartphone also does a pretty good job of still images.