We heard over and over how beautiful Northern Scotland was but even that didn't prepare us for what we found as we cruised along the north and western coasts for a couple days before enjoying The Isle of Skye. And the animals we met along the way! Pure magic. Don't miss it if you are every anywhere near Scotland.

So, the reason Kyde recognized the name "John o' Groats" is because it was where Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor started their Long Way Round and Long Way Down series, which was the inspiration for our first trip around the world! Wish we had remembered when we were there! Hahaa.

Bit of a hike to NYC.

Getting into the beautiful.


This can't be a real creature, can it?!

It is!

We got a chicken situation!


Cow selfie!

Kyde started taking pictures of me filming things, like cows.

And me with cows.


More stunning Scotland.

Find us! <3

Kyde is making a video about me making a video.

Find a sheep!

This might be my most badass moment ever.

Pulled over for a beautiful loch.

It's amazing how BIG it feels up in Northern Scotland, look at how small Kyde is.

Of course there is a castle. Hahaha.

On our way up the mountain.

Our view looking up, can't possibly be more than 5, 10 minutes.

Made it to the top!

Not too much snow, haha.

A view that is stuck in my head forever.

Kyde found a place to dangle!

Found the ocean again!

Kyde takes good pictures.

Sheep, cows, ponies, deer, old people.

Why is this ramp here?!


Pumped for some Chinese food.

Wow! What is that?!

Every road ends in pony.

This is our Airbnb host. Meet Rafiki.

On Skye.

Kyde takes good pictures.

Not bad.

Glamour shots!


Skye sky.

Fairy ponds.

Always surprised how small Kyde looks in these landscape photos.

Good place to be!





Throwing signs.


I caught a fish thiiiiiiis big!

We didn't mention this in the videos, but this was the bathroom of our Airbnb near Isle of Skye. Only a bathtub. How are you supposed to cleean yourself in a bath, really? It just doesn't make sense.