After way too long, we finally made it down to wonderful Okinawa for just about a week this year! We loved every day and found a seemingly endless number of things different from Tokyo and other parts of Japan we have explored! We could easily go back for weeks more and still just scratch the surface, let's hope we get the chance someday!


The best moustache on the entire island!

Weevil wall? Hope not!

The majestic triangle. Hahaha.

Kyde approved!


It's important to keep up appearances.

New friend!!

Seriously clear water!

Never looked better!

It's a veritable paradise!

Crazy place for a coffee shop!

Starting to discover the wonder of the majestic shisa!

Hahaha, Kyde going to exteme lenghts for that selfie!

We have one of these pigs in our apartment! Her name is Bridget and she likes 5 yen coins the best!

An awesome little stand in a market peddling Okinawan onigiri.

Wonderful map!

Kyde's afraid of this hair tree! Why?

The Japanese are not a tall people.

...for real.

Scary perhaps, but also awesome looking!


An interesting perspective.

Seriously, all these ancient doorways are really tiny.

But are just perfect for some people.

That smile will be shortlived once I get a taste of that meal. Hahaha.


Some of our favorite things from Okinawa: Shisa!


The closer you get to the equator the more amazing sunsets get.

Are there people up there?

Yea, maybe!

Island exploring!


Nipple climbing!


We love taking pictures in these round "road mirrors."

In this case...head for the nipple I guess!

Not quite the best translation....

She's looking like a super hero!


Pineapple puzzle time!

More shisa!

Spot on dinner spot!

Another sunset from the beach.


We are famous!

Nice ice cubes.

Sweet Okinawan boat race!

Two our of favourite cuisines crossing paths!


Not a character you often come across in Japan.

Wow! Look at him!

The hidden field we found full of slugs was magical.

Our favorite way to take selfies!

The western location of the airport made for some cool sunset viewing.

The local brew has a wonderful can.

Kyde getting ripped!

Beach exploring!

Let's do it!

Kyde found a licence plate in the sea!


Look at those colors!

What is that?!



The luckiest man on earth.

No doubt looping the new Weezer record.

Goats are a part of every adventure.





Needle mouse!


Made a new friend.

Let's keep this place clean.

Is that an elephant? Can you find Kyde?

Discovering American food in Japan!

A wonderful parody.

That's a big fish head.

Possibly the best onigiri I have ever had.

Found a nice place to eat our breakfast.

Sea grapes were a surprising delight!

One last peek of wonderful Okinawa. For now, anyways!

Almost back to Tokyo, spotted this awesome little island. The world is amazing.