Here is the last video from Laos. Pakse is where we fell in love with Indian food! We head to Cambodia next!

Seriously, don't mess with Eric!

So thirsty!!

Admiring some of nature's finest work!

This picture makes plenty of sense!

We found a rainbow!

We visited Wat Phu by rafting a motorbike over a canal! It felt very Oregon Trail like, but our wagon didn't capsize! Wat Phu was extremely aged and warped in so many strange ways. It felt like walking in a Tim Burton movie!

A view from the top of the trek!

Way to get up on that boob!

Our guidebook mentioned an elephant carved into stone. We found it but it was a bit hidden and quite camouflaged with the moss!

This lady wanted a picture with us. So, Kyde insisted that we get a picture with her! Eric is really tall!

The sunset on the ride back to town!