Prachuap Khiri Khan was one of our favorite stops in Thailand. It was a very easy going city. We were able to rent motorbikes (Kyde's first), climb temples, and eat lots of local foods! Enjoy!

A colorful little friend!

The shrine upon the hill! Our visit to Wat Thammikaram was intense. We encountered frisky monkeys on the way up. One tried to take Kyde's water right out of her hands (she screamed!). At the top, the view was astounding. Our journey down was clouded with bats! We made it down safely though!

The trek up to the temple involved a lot of steps! A break for a photo was necessary!

This is a picture of one of the world's most vicious weiner dogs. That's his dirt pile and you best keep steppin'!

Kyde got her first scooter!

These monkeys were cute, but they know you got food! Hand it over!

Trust us! It needs to be said!

In mass groups, they are be downright frightening! I love seeing the big monkey statue on the left. These monkeys own the hill!

The zebra means quality!

On our way to a place you may call Myanmar, but she'll always be Burma to us!

We went to the border where Thailand meets Burma! Crazy stuff!

Not far from the border crossing there is a very interesting market where Burmese vendors cross into Thailand for the day and sell their goods.

One of the many delicacies we spotted was monkey brains!

The Pillar Shrine at dusk!

Our motorcycle key!

Only a few hours after renting our bike, we got a flat! It only took about a half hour to find a mechanic, get a new tube and get back on the road. And it only cost $7!

Taking a relaxing float!

I found a creature in the woods!

Even sitting on the bike riding through this tunnel was a bit scary for Eric's height.

My storm trooper helmet!