This update covers Northern Laos. It was very, very cold and quite an experience. The chickens were hilarious though! Enjoy!

Could it get more communist up in here?

Trust us. It needs to be said!

A view from above Sam Neua!

Peering out from one of the caves used by the Pathet Lao soldiers during Vietnam. These caves were used has headquarters for the military elite to avoid discovery by the aerial raids done by the US.

When I think about military resistance headquarters, I don't usually picture this but it works!

We were able to enter the caves and see the compounds which the leaders of the Pathet Lao lived in during the war.

After touring around, we needed some food. We got a little more than we bargained for when the shop owner shared his favorite beverage with us! It's a bit hard to see, but there's a snake in there!

A very serene lake close to our chilly hotel room!

Sam Neua was quite a cold experience for us. Our plan for climate control during the trip was to stay in warm places. While the rest of Laos was having good weather, Sam Neua gave us a reminder of what the word winter meant. It was also very windy as you can see from the flags in full display!