This update covers our time spent in Sapporo, Japan. Lots of beer brewery tours, walking and a little surprise from back home found in a basement thrift shop! Enjoy!

Back away from the flame thrower!

Drinking a Sapporo beer outside of Sapporo Station. It just feels right!

A baby Tokyo Tower! Also, here's an interesting thing we have noticed in Japan. In any city, if you want to know the time, you can usually look around and there will be a large clock in view. No wonder it's such a punctual society!

We visited one of the Asahi Breweries! We got our own special reservation and 2 beverages of our choice. We got juice!

It was weird to see a reminder of home while running around the streets of Sapporo!

Now this is bowling!

Japan certified cuteness!

This is a crazy story. Kyde went into a thrift store and looked around for a bit. She ran across this shirt which doesn't mean anything to those in Japan, but it has a pretty significant meaning to Eric. This is a shirt from his high school in VA. He went to Chancellor High School and their mascot was a Charger! Are you serious??