This update shows the start of our time in Korea. It's amazing here! The people that live here are great to be around. Tt's also clean, safe and pretty! The first two videos are about Seoul and the third video is about the amazing tour we took to the DMZ. Enjoy!

We made it!

Our official entry stamps into South Korea!

Our guidebook told us about a group of ladies protesting the Japanese embassy every Wednesday. The seated ladies you see in the picture were forced into prostitution during WWII by Japanese soldiers. Their protests merely ask for an official apology for the awful abuses they endured under the hand of the Japanese. They have been holding these protests since 1992 and have completed over 1000 of them. It was an inspiring and rather saddening sight to see. These ladies only ask for an apology and more than likely this will never happen.

It's looking like a 70's music video up in here!

And the Robo Boogie!

This is one of Kyde's favorite mascot moments. She only expected a picture, but this cop mascot was in it for the fist bump!

After touring the depressing Japanese Occupation Museum, we found this amazing Korean flag!

Gyeongbokgung was enchanting to see at night! We thought the prices and crowds weren't worth it during the day, so this worked out very nicely!

Just Bear Stuffs!

Won for everyone!

Cheonggyecheon is a beautiful canal walk in central Seoul. It's not very exciting during the day, but at night there is a lot to see and enjoy! During the time we visited, they had many elaborate lanterns like this on display.

We caught a light show at the canal as well!

A typical residential alley in Seoul!

On a trip to the zoo, Kyde made some friends!

Eric also made some friends of his own!

Kyde is not a fan of snakes, but after watching how relaxed this one was, she got up the balls to hold it!

Hanging out at the Olympic Park!

That's a lot of flags!

We took a tour with the USO to check out the DMZ! Our first stop was to investigate one of the many tunnels dug by North Korean soldiers. They were not successful in making their way into South Korea. When asked what they were doing, they painted the walls black and said they were mining for coal!

You are looking at Panmunjom which is the area where all discussions and negotiations between North and South Korea take place. It is an area of high tension!

We were able to enter one of the negotiation rooms with our trusty South Korean guards to protect us. The guards stand in this defense stance at all times! They also look badass in those glasses!

We were told that the cement line over Kyde's shoulder outside the window was the exact marking of separation for the countries. Over this line, you do not cross! Opps, we're in North Korea!

Even on the negotiation table there is a middle line to show the separation!

We were able to see Kijong-dong (the most southern city in North Korea) and get a good view of its greatest achievement, the world's 3rd tallest flagpole!

I don't think Korea is ready for Eric!

Having sundaes and making friends!