This update covers the end of our journey in South Korea, one last visit to Seoul. With a stop at the Kukkiwon, the heart and soul of Taekwondo! Enjoy!

Starcraft is still immensely popular in South Korea. So beloved by gamers in this country that they have dedicated television channels to watching live play!

These ponies are ready for the rave!!

They call Seoul a concrete jungle, but you can find beautiful settings like this all over the city!

This car might be from the future, but dang it's ugly!

Squirrels love chocolate milk!

We found our way to the Kukkiwon which is the home of Tae Kwon Do!

After trying to take a picture ourselves and failing, a guard came around the corner. We were convinced we would be told to move along. Instead the nice gentleman told us to get behind the counter for a better photo! Korea is awesome!

Kyde doing some cartwheels on the floor of the Kukkiwon. Many epic competitions have taken place here! Let's Play!

Be jealous, Kevin Cotchan!

This is an unforgetable sight! We call her the Waffle Lady and she is super famous in South Korea. She basically makes large waffles and fills them with the kreme filling of your liking! They are beyond excellent!

Through sheer hunger and the inability to look for food any longer, we happened upon this chicken. We learned later that this restaurant is called a Hok in Korea, which is a kind of bar. This bar not only serves up beers, but, as advertised, some of the best chicken on the planet! Kyde had her birthday dinner here!