Just a few hours outside of Tokyo are some beautiful little villages that are world heritage sites. We realized they were accessible in a weekend from Tokyo so we picked a weekend hoping to visit while it was still snowy there and nailed it!

A steamy start!


Is that a thing that is OK to have? It makes me uncomfortable.

Buses are a sleepy place.

Need shades to keep our brightness under control!



Tree support.

Manhole covers in Japan are amazing!

It's rare to see a phone number written in all kanji, neat!

Sake factory! Well, sometimes!

Someday we'd love to build an igloo of our own!

That third floor is pretty freaky!

Found it!

Luckiest guy in Japan!

Wonderful view of a wonderful village!


Our place for the night!

Is she playing it right?


World heritage!

Have we become train otaku?

Check out that schedule! To the point!

He's got his finger right on it!

Shinkansen safety!

Fish hell!


I didn't have the guts to climb to the top this time. Need to go back with more courage!