Singapore! Singapore is such a brilliantly bizarre place with it being essentially a giant social engineering experiment which is quite an amazing thing to see in action. It's also a refreshing change of pace from the rest of South East Asia, not that the rest is awfully hard to travel in, but Singapore is so crazy efficient. It's very easy to get around and I can't think of a single place in the world I have ever been that is anywhere near as clean as Singapore. Aside from malls and air conditioning the country is light on actual attractions, but good lord it's worth going for the food alone! Anyways, check out these videos and pictures from our week or so there.

We visited the Singapore Zoo and found what some might call the most unhappy polar bear! Don't worry about him though, he's got an air-conditioned palace and a frosty pool!

We found the giraffes!

Then we found the cutest elephant!

Quite a stern looking kyderoo!

This meal was one of Kyde's favorites because she had laksa, a spicy asian chicken noodle soup, for the first time! It was delicious!

Pinkies up!

Largest street sign in the world? Probably, haven't seen a bigger one yet!

Hanging outside the Raffles Hotel, the home of the Singapore Sling!

Later that night, we stopped by and got some Slings for ourselves. The bill was astounding!

We found an indoor snow tubing place and this was the consequence for going back into the sauna that is Singapore!

Here's our engagement snapshot! The fireworks lit up the sky and Eric popped the question! I said YES and he gave me some peach rings! It was perfect!

Roaming around!

It got real ancient all the sudden!

We visited an amusement park and found out they had a luge track! It was amazing! No idea who won, but we totally wanted to go again.