This update chronicles our epic motorbike journey across the island of Flores in Indonesia. Flores is one of the most beautiful, jaw dropping places we have ever been, by the way. This trip inside our big trip was one of the most amazing things we have ever done. Hope you enjoy the video!

Our adventure across the island of Flores started with a problem. We had no idea where to get a reliable motorbike. We started to ask around and finally found some young guys who seemed to be legit and offered a good price to take the bike for a couple of days. Here's our ride! Between Eric's legs is our bag of stuff which would sustain us for a week. Eric did a good job holding it with his knees the entire way!

It definitely rained on us a bit while we were riding, but it was no problem. We just stopped, popped on our rain ponchos and kept on going. Cautiously, of course!

We look good in our ponchos!

We visited some parts of Indonesia which are rarely enjoyed by travellers. Many people don't visit the inland parts because, as an island country, the beaches of Indonesia are a big tourist destination. Other travellers take buses right through and don't get the chance to stop and enjoy the many shades of green!

Seriously, it's really green! Also, I think you can see a deer!

This is the welcome painting for the worst hotel we ever stayed at. Do not stay here! Sadly, we ended up staying on our return journey as well!

Eric blended in well at the gas station!

A road-side pony! There were tons of animals tied up just by the side of the road. We aren't sure why this area was chosen, but it was interesting to see so many different animals!

Apparently a big storm had come through and done a number on this bridge! We managed to navigate through it though!

One dandy Eric!

KM! (My initials)

Probably one of our favorite pictures. We just had to stop! It is interesting that this shows how Indonesian people live. This lady lives in a bamboo shack and she tends to her garden in the day which is probably how she makes money. She also lives near an epic volcano!

Back on the move again!

This could be paradise!

It's a bit blurry, but ladies are actually carrying things on their heads!

An incredible view of rice paddies in the wet season!

Stopping to goof off and enjoy some waterfalls. You can see one just to the left of Eric's leg!

After making it to one of our checkpoints, we wanted to check out the scenery. A micro-waterfall was a perfect way to end the day!

Not a scary bridge at all! It was so bouncy and I had to stay on it quite some time to get this picture! You can see Eric below!

We walked right past this sign and kept on trekking!

Welcome to Kelimutu! This is the site of three crater lakes which have different mineral compositions causing them to display different colors!

Eric is pointing at the wall between to the two lakes. People used to take tours to walk across until it got too dangerous.

Kyde pretending to be a statue!

Having the whole place to yourself has its benefits!

The third lake spans a color range from black to blood red!

If you wanted to know what Indonesia looks like, this happens about every 50 feet!

Beep Beep! You have to beep when going around corners so people don't run you over!

As said above, we visited parts of Indonesia not seen by many travellers. We would be seen by locals and they would be so excited. Kyde always had a high five ready to greet them! We met this group of school kids and stopped to have a fun moment with them. We snapped this shot as we rode off!

The recent storm caused much bigger damage as we found out.

Just a perfect picture!


One of the massive people carrier vehicles which combated us on the winding roads!


Another shot along the way. You can see a bull on the other side of the street. Kyde went over to get a picture of it. When she was done, the bull moved only slightly and Kyde got spooked. She jumped back and fell down like a true klutz!

Blurred for perfection!

Rice paddies as far as the eyes can see!