After waiting out a passing storm, we finally made it over to the beautiful island of Camiguin where we scored a motorbike, a really interesting place to stay, a cockfight and a ton of adventure!

Someone get this to Michael Bay!

Celebrating the boat finally making it's voyage with some exotic (to us) Reese's!

Finally within grasp!

It's so picturesque with that cloud around the mountain peaks.

The cockpit!


Tropical sunsets are hard to beat.

Developing world census, so cool!

The "range."

...the sink...

...the facilities...

...and the bed.

Haha, there is so much awesome here.

Ok, maybe tropical waterfalls give the sunsets a run for their money.

Kyde is breaking the rules!

Election ads.


Named perfectly!

It's hard to believe places like this actually exist.

Like a Disney Park!'s nice but I hope we don't ever get stuck out in a jungle like this.

Just three of the many peaks!

Bit of a spooky sunset.

But wonderful none the less.

Ok, maybe the sunsets got the waterfalls beat.

This is a regulation we can get behind!