We had to wait a day for a boat so we ended up "stuck" on Camiguin for another day. Made good use of it doing some off-roading, honey-eating, pig porn watching and learning about ostriches. Haha, that was a fun sentence to write.

Keeping an eye on the volcano is important work...

...and is work you can do from nearly anywhere on the island.

Really! Anywhere!

Haha, anywhere!

Keeping the bees at bay!

The bee guy had this wonderful comic book.

A wonderful find.

Look how tall that thing is!

Dinosaurs are hella scary.

This is more my style.

Hard to beat the scenery in this part of the world.

Skippin' town early in the morning.

Doing some planning on the boat to Bohol.

This is not colonial Williamsburg.

Kyde's dinner!

Are you serious? Wow!

So uh...this is kinda phallic.