Back across the island to Tokushima! On the way from Ehime we stopped in a weird little amusement park/mine that brought us our funniest moment of the year. We also checked out more udon, seafood, a seaweed farm and some cool vortexes in the sea!

Choo-choo, all aboard the vanilla express!

Eric fits in places.



Which way do you want to go?!!?

The best bit of the mine was....the spacetrain?

"Don't enter from here."

Ice cream for fika.

Sweet looking onsen.

Jug of udon juice.

Don't see too many rovers in Japan.


Black hole black! No light can escape.

Feeling classy.

Cool hawk.

That's a hawk, right?

Totally waiting for a seamonster to eat this boat.

We noticed it says "no jumping" on the glass floor shortly after Kyde was jumping on it, haha.

No notice about laying down!

Vortex spotting!

That's a big jug of water.

We're bears.

You know who it is.

Rolling on b-rate Splash Mountain.

Year of the bore rocks on!

Shikoku is often green.

Pony poop was discounted from free. Hahaha.

Pony party!!

A fine feature of a pony.

Japan looks neat.

hese noodles are branded with the new Japanese era name.

Sweet grocery store.



Awesome geological structures!

This massive painting was in our hotel, cool surprise.