We love filming train line videos. This one has been on the back burner for ages as it's special for being one of the only tram lines still operating from the many built in the first half of the 20th century. We used to live next to it and never got around to filming it, but we noticed the name had changed to the "Tokyo Sakura Tram Line" and it was cherry blossom season so we realized the timing was perfect!

Found this dude outside a Chinese restaurant first thing in the morning....

...where they are teaching Chinese language lessons on the side. Wonder if this is a way to supplement covid downturn or a normal thing...? Kinda wanna take classes there hahaha.

Filming with our merkin.

Kyde found a dope ride!

I found Nirvana.

Driving an OG Hummer in Tokyo sounds like literally hell.

"No! Do it again but keep your eyes open like the fish!"

Here are a few thumbnail outtakes.

Looks like we found the Bic Camera headquarters.

And of course...some cherry blossom photos!

This cat looks kinda like a dork.