After years of wanting to see Japan's sand dunes in real life we finally did it! Plus we did some other fun stuff, notably one of the most dangerous temple visits in the country. Enjoy!

Welcome to Tottori!

Just a bit of Tottori-shi. These countryside cities aren't much, hhaha.

Don't eat here.

An embarrassment to breakfast.

Neat bunny girl.

Welcome to the dunes!

Kyde looking like a badass with her shades. These are totally her dad's style lol.

Bring a map so you don't die lost in the wilderness.

Sanddunes are prime photo spots.

Really cool how they ride right up to the sea.


Finally I have the right footwear for a thing!

Ok, this art museum was incredible. Sometimes we don't want to film things like this, but this was a standout.

Kyde doing Eric stuffs.

I think climbing around on rocks and stuff has rubbed off on her.

Japan seasides are often pretty nice looking.

Watching the sun leave for the day.

This little green glowing village looks really neat. Neat enough we turned around to get a look.

Still not sure what they are fishing for with these lights, maybe squid? Really cool looking boats.

Prepare for the loop-de-loop!

Might be hard to see depending on your screen, but that's a lot of stars.

Morning banana is the most important moment of the day.

We violated a few of these hiking rules lol.


I still can't believe we did that lol.

I'm not sure if the video and photos quite do justice just how sketchy this was. It was really really dangerous haha.

Like, just that walk there was dangerous! And it was the safest part!

Follow the signs up and down so you don't get in the way of any other idiots who decided climbing this in the rain was a good idea hahaha

Epic lunch after a soggy activity.


Our temple for the night!

Breakfast came with a bit of Hokkaido.


The Japanese just says this is a rubbish bin. I have no idea what the deal with the English is lol.


The famous bridge! Neat, but not for the reasons people assume.

That bunny is getting stuff done!


Being watched from above on the bus to Kobe.

We were also treated to a nice sunset.

Fuji? Nope, but still nice.

*surprised pikachu*