Hi! During our trip across America, Eric had talked with my friend Ryan about playing drums for his band on a tour he had booked for February. When we returned to Virginia, Ryan and Eric started arranging songs with our friend Thomas playing bass. After a couple of weeks, we went out on a short tour and ended up playing quite a few shows in the short time. Here's a video about the experience!

Playing at a vintage clothing/video game/record shop in Fredericksburg, Va.

A major advantage of playing a two piece drumset is being able to carry the entire thing in one shot.

Tom in Virginia Beach.

Chewbacca in Virginia Beach.

Ryan B and the Dead Sea. Virginia Beach.

Playing in a bookshop in Fredericksburg, Va.

All of our gear. There is something magical about having small amps and a small drumset.

Tom in...uhh...I can't remember.

Ryan in Kentucky...I think?

Tom's out of the hottub snow angel.

Tom and Ryan at a really bitchin' house show in Williamsburg, Va.

Tom and Ryan in a nearly emtpy show in Fredericksburg, Va.

Tom and Ryan at a brutally bad show in North Carolina.

Charlottesville, Va. We're like...Dave Matthews and stuff.

The best band photo we have. With Tom's awesome brother, Sam.