This update is about our time in Toyako Onsen in Hokkaido, Japan. Volcanoes, mud slides and getting naked with elderly strangers! Sounds fun! Enjoy!

Giant swans and watermelon juice in a carton!

The alley way with these lights was enchanting to walk through!

We visited the Konpira Crater Hazard Area which preserves the mudslide remanants from the eruption of Mt. Usu in 2000. Kyde is standing on the 2nd floor of this building. The mudslide destroyed the lower floor and the building has been left untouched. Well, Kyde touched it, but that's it!

Climbing the volcanic Mt. Usu and seeing the steam!

A smaller volcano, Showa-shinzan, at the base of Mt. Usu looks like it's about to pop! This volcano is only a little older than Kyde's parents!

This little guy may not be working, but he was awesome!

Soak of the year! Toyako is an onsen (hot spring bathing house) holiday spot. All over the city you will find small pools filled with hot spring water for your hands and feet! Relax!