Kyde had spent some time in Kyoto so at the last possible minute we decided to go on a bike ride around Japan's largest lake which happens to be just north of Kyoto. First step was to get myself down there to meet her, so I did it on the local trains to save about 70buxx.

All ready to go with the camera and it's merkin.

...oh and some breakfast bananas in a bag.

Once you are out of the city the trains are basically empty.

Don't be this dude.

Here are a few snaps out the window at real life Japanland.


Those sakura being in bloom are foreshadowing.

Love when you can get a good view out the front of the train.

Not much in the way of dinner to choose from, but turned out pretty good!

Check out this dude! hahaha

Need to rent a movie? This is the first step.

lol gargles are a thing here, but never seen them explained by etiquette before.

Interesting way to say "no cash here."

Everything has a mascot.

And every mascot has a cute little name.

Haha, you can park here for an entire day for five bucks. You can tell how far in the country you are by how cheap parking is.

A local cola!

omg ninja cola!