This update covers our visit to Varanasi, India. Varanasi is the most important city in the Hindu religion, as well as one of the oldest cities in the world. The city hosts the release from reincarnation. Hindu worshipers believe that if they die or are cremated in Varanasi, their soul will leave the cycle. So, many Hindis come to Varanasi to die or have their family members sent here for a proper send off. At times, Varanasi felt like a mecca for death. Even with this depressing undertone, the city was amazing. Very vibrant, exciting and filthy. Enjoy!

We got a tour and explanation of the cremation fields which are plentiful on the edge of the Ganges River. In Kyde's hair, you can see the ashes of a cremated person.

Each evening in Varanasi, the locals put on a show. Not sure why or what it is about though!

As the sun finally set on the gathering, it started to feel a bit creepy!

The crowd thickened both on land and on water as the ritual performance began.

Many people were setting flower laterns out into the river.

The Ganges River is a scary place. It is one of the most polluted rivers in the world and we saw for ourselves the remains of humans being washed away in it. It really blew our minds to see people swimming in the water!

After quite an odd morning working out a boat to take us on the Ganges, we got to see the sunrise!

The man that captained our boat didn't give a shit about anything!

This is a picture of the surface of the Ganges. That does not look safe!

The colors of Varanasi, and many places in India, are enchanting. They are a culture that truly enjoys eye candy!

We just so happened to be in Varanasi during the Krishna Festival. The Indian people sport a lot of orange and fill up containers at the Ganges to take to their ghat. It really bothers me that they aren't wearing shoes! Those streets are really disgusing! The metal construction on the left is a very rudimentary public toilet.

Just a cow taking a break! This cow got spanked by a lady a few minutes later!

The floors of our hotel were quite interesting!

Finding your name on the side of the train is pretty exciting! It means you have a bed!

A man came on the train and provided Eric with this marking made of some unknown substance. We quickly figured out the man was only interested in money. A few moments later, a young boy came and offered us some homemade porno mags!

This soda says Thums Up but it was a bit of a thumbs down.