After a wonderful motorbike ride from Vung Tau to Mui Ne, we had the chance to hit some beaches and explore a extraordinary little Fairy Stream. Oh, and oh my god we had some incredible goat for dinner.

We found the ocean!

Went past many dragon fruit farms and had to buy some! This is Eric's fruit on the beach pose!

It was so fresh and good!

Beach camera fun!

Tiger Beer!

Hot pot! You'll never guess what kind of meat!

White sand dunes in Mui Ne!

This is food? Really? Yes.

Finally got to swim on a beautiful, deserted beach!

No one around except a few fisherman!

Eric was so excited to ride on the beach! It didn't last too long!

Took ?????? for a tune up! Her name will be revealed in the videos!

We headed to a stream canyon and took a little stroll!

Kyde Sand Art!

The walls were amazing!

The trek there got a bit deep.

At the end there was a little waterfall and we got a power shower!

Eric had high expectations for climbing this tree, but it turned out to be a little too difficult!

Perfect timing!

Fancy restaurant fun!

Having a little too much fun?